Monday, May 24, 2010

Green design means getting your permit fast!

The project started out by my builder, John Nelson of Northwest Framing and Finish, filling out forms to show that we were building a green home. This got us a building permit in just 5 days, something of note in Bellingham and an article in the Bellingham Herald;
This has given us some attention from the city since they are encouraging Green built homes and I'm hoping that we can produce a finished house that is both environmentally friendly and also affordable. Of course this will mean some compromises but John Nelson and I have taken this on as a challenge to make this house a good example of what can be done without costs getting out of hand.
We are aiming for a 5 star Green Built home (and possibly LEED certified) with 1428 SF of living space at a selling price of (hopefully) around $310,000 . There are few new homes for sale in Bellingham at or below that price and none that will have the Green certification that ours should have.

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