Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interior update

The inside of the house is being finished rapidly and here are some pictures of where we are now;
The upper picture shows the Mini-Split heat pump unit inside on the Living Room wall. These units are super efficient and it should be able to heat the entire house given how well insulated it is.
We have also put in Radiant Cove heaters that are all individually controlled for each room. In addition there is a fan/duct from the top of the stairs down to the Laundry Room to help mitigate warm air stratification.
In the middle is the Master Bath where the tile backsplash has just been installed. We spent an extra $600 for 3 dual flush toilets in the home. This was an important step in making the house more green and not something one would normally find in a house in this price range.
The lower picture shows the Kitchen which I had to include just because it is looking so great! In the background is the Dining Room and the wood on the short wall was from the old house that was torn down on the site.

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