Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunnyland Sunhouse for sale; $299,900

Rain Barrels

This week the final touches are finally being done; hooking up rain barrels and minor touch-ups to the paint, etc.
Now the focus will be on selling the house. The final bills are in and we have decided that since it is a very poor housing market that it would be best to price the house at our best price; $299,900. Subtract the tax credit of $4100 for the solar panels and the net price is really $295,800. Also of interest to a potential buyer are energy savings. There will be a yearly check of about $700 from the state for solar power produced plus a credit from the power company for the power produced as well. And since we are using extremely high efficient furnace and appliances and lighting this will reduce power bills as well. The extra insulation in the walls, roof, and crawl space keep heat loss to a minimum and are yet another step in reducing power bills.
I have worked really hard to provide the best possible house at this price point and it is quite a value considering all that it has going for it. Not just a multitude of green features but a beautiful and practical home as well.

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